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Who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Why Choose Our Services

Our business is about saving you time and money. We know the ins and outs, the history, customs and facilities of each of our ports. We can advise you in advance of complications and take action to avoid problems. We know what you want; Efficient turnaround of your vessel in port, effective liaison with local port authorities, control of port costs and accurate production of disbursements. Solid working relationships with and great knowledge of major importers and exporters. Superior vessel husbandry, procurement of supplies and services, timely and effective communications with all players. At Vitserk that’s what we provide, and the net result is that your shipping needs are met at a competitive cost.

Vitserk | Marine Agency Services

Single Point Solution For Marine Services Wordlwide!

Ship Services

We serve the industrial and marine sector providing agency expert technical repair and metal construction services. Our clients enjoy expert advice from experienced staff, efficient customer service and practical solutions to technical repair needs. We are able to register ship flags, ships, in Cyprus and also at any jurisdiction.

Underwater Services

We offer through our agency expert underwater survey, repair and salvage services to clients anywhere in the world.

Safety & Firefighting Equipment

As a safety and firefighting equipment agent supplier and service station certified to conduct periodic equipment inspections as well as a full spectrum of life boats service worldwide through our partnership network.

Marketing & Consultation

We assist companies in the Maritime Equipment Industry promoting their products and services to stakeholders and buyers worldwide. We support, in locating and connecting with potential buyers, suppliers and partners around the world. We facilitate meetings for your sales representatives, organize site visits and carry out PR sessions.

Technical Ship Supply

Through our agency we provide a wide range of marine supplies available for immediate delivery to anywhere along the Mediterranean Sea and beyond.

Marine Equipment

We brings the expertise of the professional marine industry to the consumer through our agency partners. Whether your boat is a luxury yacht or a weekend hobby, we combine the expertise of the group to ensure you receive the best products and best service possible.


We deliver and supply products and consumables to ships in and around the European region. Our partners specially equipped transport allows us to speedily deliver fresh products when and where you need them.

Purchasing - Sales

Acting as an agent we can review and sell your yachts or any other ship vessel. Also we intermediate to accommodate a client for any marine sale.

Why Vitserk?

We deliver quality agency marine solution to any client scale. As a dynamic company we provide solutions, important information and marine solutions and guidance to all our clients.


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